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The latest information about the new Coronavirus COVID-19 will be summarized at any time.

Relationship between Diabetic and coronavirus

Case Map App

The following article introduces an app that allows you to see the case map.

WHO’s Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

You can also see the situation of each country of coronavirus in real time.

The map can be scaled and scrolled.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare On the New Coronavirus Infection

Domestic occurrence

Current Situation and Thinking NEW

 With regard to the new coronavirus infection, we have been taking measures at the water’s end, preventing spread, and providing medical care, but in Japan, there has been a sporadic increase in the number of patients who are already unknown in the infection path, and although it continues to persist, the spread of infection has been seen in some areas, and the number of patients who do not know the source of the infection in the region continues to increase. If these areas expand across the country, they could lead to a large-scale epidemic with explosive outbreaks, starting in some areas.In addition, there has been a sharp increase in the number of patients and deaths worldwide, and the number of imported cases found in Japan has also increased.

 At this time, there is no area in Japan where large-scale spread is observed, but proactive epidemiological surveys and other measures to prevent the occurrence of unknown infection pathways and clusters (groups with patient-to-patient associations) can prevent the occurrence of explosive infection suscoasis, called overshoots, and It is important to minimize the occurrence of serious injuries and fatalities.
 In addition, it is important to suppress the rate of infection spread as much as possible by reducing contact opportunities, such as requests for self-imposed control, as necessary, to contain cluster occurrences and to prevent the collapse of the medical provision system.At the same time, it is necessary to prepare a necessary system for providing medical care, mainly for dealing with severely injured persons, in case the number of people infected in Japan increases rapidly.

 It is necessary to accurately grasp the situation surrounding the new coronavirus infection, and work together with the people of Japan, including the government, local governments, medical personnel, experts, and business operators, to further promote the new coronavirus infection countermeasures.

That’s all.

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Loan system related to coronavirus

Coronavirus Related Information

What is a virus?Mr. Atsushi Nakata

Nakata-san’s video is very easy to understand.

The following is an introduction to nutritional supplements that are not directly related to the new coronavirus, but are thought to improve immunity.

Atsushi Nakata’s YouTube University History of Infectious Diseases That Changed the World (Reference)

Mr. Hikakin, Tokyo Governor Koike

The message is “STAY HOME”.

Mr. Hikakin, it was very calm, and it was truly.


The following article is typical of the immune strengthening, but the law is to ensure hand washing, gargling, and social distance for the prevention of the new coronavirus.

In addition to these, we introduce nutrients that are thought to be effective in maintaining general immunity, maintaining physical strength, and preventing colds.

What you can do while you are on your own



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