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The season of the light clothes usually increases the consciousness to the diet, but there seems to be a tendency that there are a lot of people who eat too much lack of exercise and inadvertently in the going out going out further this year.
So, in this blog, we actively send out about the health support that can be done at home.

In this blog, based on my experience, I will send out the diet and fitness information recommended for busy people in their 40s and beyond. Based on the actual experience, we will continue to provide the latest diet and fitness topics from domestic and overseas sources in the current progressive form.

My brief career is like this.

From elementary school to elementary school , middle and high school tennis → 4-style university dropout → tennis coach → Keio University communication graduate → small trading company → TOEIC885 → foreign manufacturer → cryptocurrency mining failure → foreign chemical manufacturer sales → under taking a leave of absence due to adjustment disability

I was originally a free tennis coach, but I studied English to earn money and changed jobs to a foreign manufacturer, but perhaps because of a lot of stress, I continued to have a cold for about four weeks from stress in July and August 2019.I thought that this would not work, so I have been improving my life since September 2019, such as dieting and health care, and reviewing tennis that had been going on halfway through.

At that time, the weight increased by about 15kg compared with the time when I was in my 20s, and there was 76kg.Body fat was more than 25%.

Because height is 175cm and is comparatively tall, it is not noticeable when I wear clothes, but my tummy stood out considerably when I was wearing light clothes in summer.The size of the trousers increased by 6 inches to 85cm.(I returned to 79cm in 6 months)

On September 1, 2020, I had the opportunity to travel to Hokkaido for employees at my company, and when I saw myself in the group photo, I felt uncomfortable with the weight that I understood to be clearly different from my current self, which was the reason why I started dieting.

What is my diet strategy?

  • Without spending too much money and time
  • Be healthy

It is.

In addition, the goal of dieting is

  • Weight 60kg in 20s
  • Body fat single digit
  • Skinny Mascular

it is to become.

I hope that i can make my life a success with you.

Updated: April 25, 2020

Keio Communication, TOEIC, change of job to foreign capital, until the diet success was good, but a little too much,

I have become an adjustment disorder.

You can enter foreign capital by qualifications and study, but it is different whether the company is suitable or not.

In that regard, how to choose the company, compatibility, i think i’ll send it out in the future.

As for mentality, I’m calm now using supplements and stuff.

I feel that the update of this blog is also very good as a place of self-expression.

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