[Elderberry] Effectiveness and Safety Recommended Supplements

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Elderberry is one of the medicinal herbs used all over the world.

Traditionally, Native Americans used to treat infectious diseases, and ancient Egyptians used them to treat beauty and burns.It is still widely used as a folk remedy in Europe.

Today, Elderberry is used as a supplement to relieve cold and flu symptoms.

However, raw fruits, bark, and leaves are toxic and cause stomach problems.

In this article, we will take a look at the effects and dangers of Elderberry based on the evidence.

What is Elderberry?

Elderberry Plant and Berries

Elderberry is a plant belonging to the genus Niwatoko.

There are several types of Elderberry, but the most famous ones are European Erelderberry or Black Elder.It is also called Seiyoniwatoko.This is the type that was originally native to Europe, but it is now seen all over the world.*,**.

The seiyoniwatko grows to a height of 9 m and is decorated with flowers called bunchwhite or creamy elderflower.It is actually a small black or blue black.*

The taste of the fruit is very sour, and it is necessary to cook it to eat it.The scent of flowers is delicate muscat scent, and it is possible to eat even raw.*

Other Elderberry peers include American Elder, Dwarf Elder, Blue Elderberry, Dane Weed, Red Elderberry and Bitterbrush.*

Every part of the Elderberry tree has historically been used for medical and cooking.*

Historically, flowers and leaves have been used to promote pain, swelling, inflammation, suppression of urination, and sweating.Bark has been used as diuretics, laxatives, and vomiting induceants.*

Dried fruit and juice have been used as influenza, infection, sciatica, headache, toothache, heart pain, neuralgia treatment, diuretics, and laxatives.*

In addition, it is actually cooked and used as juice, jam, chutney, pie and wine.The flowers are boiled with sugar and made into sweet syrup and used for tea.I sometimes eat it as a salad. *

Elderberry Health Benefits

There are a lot of studies on the health benefits of Elderberry.Elderberry is nutritious as well as has plenty of effects to relieve the symptoms of flu and colds, promote heart health, reduce infection and inflammation.


Elderberry is low in calories but has a high antioxidant effect.

100g raw elderberry is 73kcal.Contains 18.4g carbohydrates, 1g or less fat and protein. *

In addition, Elderberry has the following nutritional effects:

  • Rich in vitamin C: Contains 6-35mg of vitamin C per 100mg of elderberry.(60% of the daily intake*, *
  • Rich in dietary fiber: Elderberry contains 7g of dietary fiber per 100mg.(1/4 of the daily intake) *
  • Phenolic acid contains: Phenolic acid is an antioxidant that protects the body from oxidative stress. *, *
  • Contains flavonols: Elderberry contains a type of flavonol, which is an antioxidant, quercetin, kempelol, and isoramnetin.Flowers contain 10 times more flavonols than fruit.*
  • Contains a lot of anthocyanins: the dark purple part of the fruit contains a lot of anthocyanins, which are antioxidants and have an inflammatory effect.*, *

There are several types of natural elderberries, and the nutrients included in the degree of maturation, environment and climate conditions vary.Therefore, the content of the above nutrients varies.*, *

May relieve cold and flu symptoms

Black Elderberry Extract and Flower Remeddy had the effect of relieving flu symptoms and shortening the duration.*

Commercial Elderberry products are sold in the form of syrups, capsules, lozenges and gummy.

In a study of 60 influenza patients, people who took 15ml elderberry four times a day were able to relieve symptoms two to four days after the start of ingestion.By the way, the person who did not take it took seven to eight days to relieve the symptoms.*

In a separate study of 64 influenza patients, a 175mg elderberry lozenges were consumed for 22 days, and the 24 hours at which the intake started significantly reduced flu symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle pain and nasal congestion. *

A further 312 passengers were allowed to take 300mg of Elderberry extract capsules per day, and when they got sick, the duration of the disease was shortened and their symptoms were reported to have been alleviated.*

However, a larger study is needed on whether Elderberry is effective in influenza.*

Most experiments use commercially available Elderberry products, and research using homemade Elderberry is limited.*

Contains a lot of antioxidants

When a normal metabolic reaction occurs in the body, the substance brought by the chemical reaction accumulates in the body.This causes oxidative stress and causes diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cancer.*, *, *

Antioxidants that remove oxidative stress substances are contained in foods such as vitamins, phenolic acids and flavonoids.Foods that contain a lot of these antioxidants are thought to have the effect of preventing chronic diseases.*, *, *

Elderberry flowers, fruits and leaves contain a lot of antioxidants.For example, anthocyanins in fruits have 3.5 times the antioxidant effect of vitamin E.*, *,*, *

In experiments comparing the antioxidant effects of 15 different berries and wine, elderberry was reported to have the highest effect. *, *

In addition, an hour after drinking 400ml elderberry juice, it was reported that antioxidants in the body had risen.In another study, elderberry extracts have been reported to have reduced tissue damage due to inflammation and oxidation.*, *

The effect of laboratory work is good, but the number of experiments by the human body and animals is limited.Broadly speaking, the effect of consuming elderberry on a regular diet is limited. *

Furthermore, after the process of processing elderberry, extraction, and the production of juices, antioxidant sway seems to decrease.*

Therefore, products such as syrup, juice, tea, and jam may not be as big as laboratory results.*

May reduce the risk of heart disease

Elderberry is thought to have the effect of improving blood markers associated with heart disease

Elderberry juice is thought to reduce blood fat and reduce cholesterol.In addition, diets with a lot of flavonoids, such as anthocyanins, are known to reduce the risk of heart disease.*, *

However, for 34 people, given a 400ml Elderberry extract for two weeks, three times a day, the results of the experiment that blood cholesterol did not decrease *

On the other hand, when the mice tested high cholesterol, the blood cholesterol was not reduced when the diet containing black elderberry was given.*

Further studies have shown that giving mice feeding with polyphenols extracted from Elderberry reduces blood pressure and reduces internal organs damage caused by blood pressure.*, *

In addition, elderberries may lower blood uric acid levels.High blood uric acid levels can increase blood pressure and adversely affect the heart.


Elderberry increases insulin sensitivity and normally lowers blood sugar levels.The main risk of type 2 diabetes is heart and vascular diseases, and control of blood sugar levels prevents these diseases. *, *

A study has found that elderberry flowers contain an enzyme called α-glucosidase, which lowers blood sugar levels.It is also known that giving elderberries to diabetic rats improves blood sugar control.*, *, *

While these studies are good, the direct relationship between heart disease and Elderberry is unknown.More research is needed.

Other health benefits

There is little scientific evidence, but other effects have been reported:

  • Treating Cancer: Sample experiments on cancer cells in elderly people in Europe and the United States have been found to have elderberry cancer suppression properties *, *, *
  • Reducing harmful bacteria: Elderberry suppresses the growth of bacteria such as helicopter pylori and relieves symptoms of purulent disease and bronchitis. *
  • May aid immune function: In rat experiments, elderberry has been reported to have increased leukocyte cells and enhanced immune function. *
  • Protect your body from ultraviolet rays: Cosmetics made from elderberry have an ultraviolet protection effect equivalent to SPF9.88. *
  • Promoteurination: Giving rats elderberry flowers increases the frequency of urination and increases salt discharge.*
  • Feeling better: Giving the mouse a 544mg Elderberry extract per 1200mg of weight improved mood maker’s value.*

Because the number of these studies is limited, further research is needed to determine whether or not they are effective.

In addition, biological reactants such as anthocyanins have not been measured, so it is difficult to compare them between multiple experiments.

Elderberry Side Effects

Elderberry has a lot of health benefits, but it also has side effects.

Resin, immature fruit, and seeds contain a small amount of lectin.Lectins can cause stomach problems when ingested in large quantities.*

In addition, elderberries contain cyanide glycosides.Cyanide glycosides produce cyanide under certain conditions.Cyanide is toxic and is also contained in apricot seeds and almonds. *, *

The 100mg raw Elderberry fruit contains 3mg cyanide.Raw leaves contain 3 to 17 mg of cyanide.This is only 3% of cyanide intake (weighing 60kg) that is considered dangerous.*, *

However, commercially processed Elderberry products do not contain cyanide.

Eating uncooked fruits, leaves, bark and seeds causenausea and diarrhea.*

Elderberry is not recommended for children under the age of 18 and pregnant women*


Research on the effects of Elderberry is mostly at the laboratory level, so further human experiments are needed.

Therefore, elderberry is not a situation that can be said to have a specific health benefit.

However, there is some evidence of the effect of relieving flu symptoms and shortening the duration.

It is also said that there may be heart, antioxidants, anti-cancer effects, diabetes prevention, and anti-inflammatory effects.

In addition, Elderberry may be useful as a ingredient that brings vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants to healthy foods.

Recommended Elderberry Supplements

Nature’s Way, Sambucus, Standardized Elderberry, Organic Syrup, 4 fl oz (120 ml)

It is an organic syrup of Elderberry.

Nutritional supplements ingredient sit
Serving Size: 2 Teaspoons (tsp) (10 ml)
Servings Per Container: 12
 Amount per Serving% DV
Total Carbohydrate9 g3%†
Total Sugars8 g**
Includes 8 g Added Sugars 16%†
Organic Black (Sambucus
nigra L.) Extract (berry)
standardized to BioActives from 6.4 g of premium cultivar elderberries
100 mg


†Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
**Daily Value not established.

Now Foods Elderberry Extract

  • Elderberry Extract (500mg) 60 vcaps
  • Now Elderberry Extract (500mg) 60 vcaps
  • Elderbucus nigra is a small tree unique to Europe, West Asia and Central Asia, and its fruit and flower use dates back to ancient Rome.
  • In the winter season, eye stress
  • Elderbucus nigra is a small tree unique to Europe, West Asia and Central Asia, and its fruit and flower use dates back to ancient Rome.
Supplement fact
One intake: 1 capsule
Per serving%Daily quantity
Elderberry (10:1 Concentrate) (Sambucus nigra) (Fruit)500 mg*
* The value of the day is not established.

Nature’s Way, Sambucas gummy, standardized elderberry, 60 grains

It is the gummy type that it is easy to eat.

Supplement Ingredients
1 dose: 2 tablets
Contents: 30 times
Nutritional ingredients per timeDaily intake (%)
Total Carbohydrates4 g1%†
Sugar3 g**
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)90 mg150%
Zinc (zinc citrate)7.5 mg50%
Sodium15 mgLess than 1%
Black Elder (Seiyoniwatko) Extract (Berry) standardizes elderberry 3.2 g of high quality cultivated varieties50 mg**
† The percentage of daily intake (%) is calculated based on a diet of 2,000 kcal.
**Daily intake is a guide.

Nature’s Way, Sambucus, soothing hot drink mix, adjusted elderberry, honey, lemon-berry flavor, 10 packets, 1.87 oz (53 g)

It is the type to drink by melting it with hot water with honey lemon taste.

Nutritional supplements ingredient sit
Serving Size: 1 Packet (5.3 g)
 Amount Per Serving%Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate4 g1%†
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)90 mg100%
Organic Black Elder
(Sambucus nigra L.) (berry
) extract standardized t
oBioActives from 6.4 g o
fpremium cultivar elderberries
100 mg**
Organic Echinacea
purpurea (stem, leaf, flower)
50 mg**
†Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
**Daily Value not established.


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